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All In One

All In One


Dear sportsfriends,

Thanks a lot for registering for our newsletter. The beginning of a new year is a good moment to look back to the previous year.

In our anniversary year we surely did not lean back and relax. We placed another loft where the 2008 youngsters were raced from. We also paid special attention to the security of our property, so a burglary like in December 2007 can be avoided. I am glad this is all accomplished, so from now on full attention again goes to the pigeons.

Even though the start with youngsters on the new loft was very promising (few losses from the loft and on the first couple of training races), on the second race our youngsters got infected by the adeno/coli bacteria. At first we tried to control this with rest and natural products. This however was a miscalculation; it took our youngsters too long to get back on track. So we raced them on the late tour races and our thought that the loft is excellent to perform well on, was confirmed. Especially the last two races went very well. On Boxtel from 17,075 birds we won 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, et cetera and on Duffel with 12,744 birds competing 6 pigeons came together. They also grabbed position 1 up to 6.

‘Abelle’ (NL06-1597330) winning 2. NPO Chantilly 12,744 birds and ‘Daydream’ (NL07-5724626) winning 1. NPO Ablis 8,519 birds kept our glory high with the old birds in one day long distance racing. ‘Daydream’ is a daughter to ‘Cassius’ x ‘Miss Mookhoek’. ‘Zahra’ (NL07-4736449) was crowned 3. Nat. acebird one day long distance (Eendaagse Fondspiegel) and with that performance she uphold the tradition initiated by ‘Miss Wonderful’ 1. Nat. acebird 2006 and ‘Varella’ 1. Nat. acebird 2007. She is a direct daughter to ‘Magic Man’ x ‘Zenda’. ‘Zenda’ is a full sister to ‘Farah Diba’ and ‘Reza’. Therefore ‘Miss Mookhoek’ and ‘Zenda’ are sisters.

Overnight racing was not what I expected of it. The first overnight race (Limoges) directly was a spoil-sport and deregulated the entire year. The last race from Bergerac was acceptable, but the total was below expectations. We hope for better results next year!

About fifty summer youngsters replenished with 5 late breds are reserved for our auction with De Duif on Saturday January 24th. Jan Hermans and his team organise this event in Thorn. In this auction we offer youngsters from all our best breeders of the moment. Like a/o two youngsters of ‘Amoré’ as well as ‘Mr. Ermerveen’, these could be the last of them! ‘Amoré’ had quite a few problems laying eggs and ‘Mr. Ermerveen’ has problems filling the eggs. You can already have a look at the website www.deduif.be for a preview. This is possible from the 13th

At the auction of Wijnand de Bruijn I bought ‘Vriend’, a short while before Wijnand bought it at Jos Maris in Berlaar. ‘Vriend’ won 2x 1. provincial in the province of Antwerpen and is bred from a fine family. Hopefully he will bring our breeding loft to a higher level … time will tell. After last year Cor Leytens bred the 1. Nat. cock from a son to ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Amoré’, this year Gerard and Bas Verkerk are the eye-catchers with their ‘Solange’. Her mother is bred from ‘Magic Man’ x ‘Amoré’. Furthermore the pigeon ‘Rick’ of Limburg brothers was crowned 1. Nat. acebird one day long distance NPO. Through the Frisian super trio Jacob Poortvliet, Pieter Veenstra and Foppe van der Meer the Koopman blood richly runs through the veins of this champion. A striking result that makes me very proud. Next to the Verkerk family, also Johan van Boxmeer and Guido Lookcx (through F. Mariën) Belgium are present at the Dortmund Olympiad with descendants to Koopman pigeons.

The ‘All In One’-mixture wins in popularity more and more. Looking at last year, the sales doubled. Not only in The Netherlands, also in Belgium the sales grew. An example is Jos Deno-Hernots (Leefdaal); he supplies the mixture for several years and is very satisfied about it. Last seasons he raced a/o the 1. Nat. acebird far middle distance.

In Ermerveen the breeders are paired and they do well. We pair up the racers when we return from South-Africa, where we go to support ‘Paparazzi’. So we do not deviate from last years. In the following newsletter we will a/o prepare the breeding list. That will be approximately by the end of February.

When you like us to mention certain topics in our next newsletter, please let us know. We will try to pay attention to it.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very prosperous, healthy and sportsmanlike 2009!

Gerard Koopman & Team

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