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Update Viewing day 2020


Update Viewing day 2020

Update viewing day 2020

There’s less than 2 weeks to go before our annual open door day.

A lot of fanciers signed in for a visit, however there is room for more interested fanciers.

To visit the open door day, see our earlier newsletter:

We are very satisfied with the 3rd place we won last Saturday February 1st in the SAMDPR (South-Africa).

The pigeon winning 3rd prize is ‘Viënto’, bred from ‘Marc’ * ‘Chinara’. ‘Viënto’ arrived at his home base after just less than 13,5 hours airtime. Its velocity on the race was thereby 748 meters/minute.

A quick view to probably the most famous current ‘One Loft birds’ – that is ‘James’s Legend’ – learns that the pedigrees show striking resemblances.

The father of ‘James’s Legend’ is bred from a sister of ‘Royal Dream’ … this same ‘Royal Dream’ is the grandfather of ‘Viënto’.

Razinda’ is the great grandmother of ‘James’s Legend’, and she is also grandmother of ‘Viënto’.

When you click on the names of the pigeons you are automatically directed to the concerning pigeon.

A very nice award we recently won is the title ‘Grandmaster cat. Marathon 2019’, organised by the pigeon sport magazine ‘Het Spoor der Kampioenen’. The title is an indication of the strength of the whole racing team. From these marathon pigeons our 1st pigeon (and the first Dutch pigeon) in the Pattaya One Loft Race from the beginning of this year was bred.

The father of this cock is ‘Wilton’ and his mother is a half sister of ‘Noël’.

Enough to see therefore at the Koopman open door day. All fanciers that signed in already do not need to do it again.

Kind regards,

Gerard & Team