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Newsletter May 2019


Newsletter May 2019

In this newsletter more about the marathon pigeons.

Next week already is the start of their season

Newsletter marathon pigeons

Newsletter marathon pigeons

More and more it seems ‘Red Bullens’ turns out to be the base cock of the marathon part of our pigeon-colony.

The very first pigeon he bred us in 2011 was ‘Noël’, a/o winner 1st I.prov. acebird marathon in the Northern long distance club.
A year later ‘Leonidas’ was born, he is 1st National acebird WHZB/TBOTB marathon.

Afterwards a/o ‘Adar’ ‘Maximus’ and ‘Aristos’ were born.

This year we started ringing his 4th generation offspring.

Normally with marathon pigeons it takes a bit longer before it gets clear what pigeons are the ones to do the job in the future.

The second generation of ‘Red Bullens’ is probably even more impressive that his direct children … it says a lot about his breeding strength.

The most famous exponents of his grandchildren are – in order of age -:



De Staart


The last 3 are in the meanwhile promoted to breeders … they are also all direct sons of ‘Noël’ who thereby takes the role of possible successor of ‘Red Bullens’. An interesting parallel with the previous newsletter (of the one day racers) is the fact that ‘Manu’, ‘Paco’ and ‘Amadi’ are all bred from the same pair. What’s in a bloodline?

A clear difference between the group of 100-700 km pigeons and the marathon pigeons is the disbalance that exists between the performances of the cocks and hens in the marathon group.

Since the renewed start with the marathon pigeons the cocks clearly performed better, we race marathon-pigeons on the double widowhood system. In my analysis the cause of the above can be 1) housing or 2) method.

Therefore we decided to race a part of the marathon racers – at first just 5 pairs – from the nest. To make room we had to sacrifice a part of the young birds loft. Might this be a success, naturally we will increase the number of racers from the nest.

May 28th we will basket for the first marathon race of 2019 (Limoges, 861 km). So far all pigeons raced the combine races of section 10 … that is 6 races in total.

All the marathon racers of 2 years and older were not basketed last weekend on the regular combine race but we entered them for extra kilometers on a race from Chevrainvillers, 583 km.

Also the pigeons planned to be basketed on St. Vincent (1176 km) were on that race.

From 2018 on all pigeons we breed are supplied with a DNA-certificate.

In 2008 already for the first time we contacted the Gendika company from Veendam. Last year we decided to supply all bred pigeons from 2018 with a DNA passport.

All parties involved are at stake in the following short movie:

I like to take this opportunity to wish you all good luck for the coming months.

Kind regards,

Gerard Koopman & Team