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Start of the racing season 2019


Start of the racing season 2019

On the photo above you can see the undersigned and brother Jaap Koopman. Jaap is co-developer of the All in One mixture. In the meantime this food-line developed very successfully, not only at our own lofts.

Newsletter april 2019 ENG

Already last week the new racing season started. All the ‘winter occupations’ are now long behind us and the races of this year are waiting for us. A true highlight of the last winter however I want to share with you.

One of the most prestigious One Loft Races in the world is organized in China by the Pioneer club. Never before in the ten years of existence a pigeon raced at the level of ‘James’ Legend’. Click for more information and her pedigree on:

In this newsletter we shall further concentrate on the pigeons for the day-races, let’s say up to 750 km (Chateauroux). Within a few weeks we shall send a newsletter, only than with specific information on the marathon-pigeons.

Without a doubt; 2018 was a very selective year. In a very early stage of the season it became clear what pigeons could battle for the prizes and what pigeons couldn’t. In July normally the battle has been fought. And at the very end it’s really obvious what pigeons still have that bit extra and what pigeons haven’t.

As you know, our pigeons are raced every week including the 6 one day long distance races. I am very happy that under the hard circumstanced of 2018 we probably had our best season in the last 20 years.

5 pigeons really stood out in the crowd and each of them without exception moved to the breeding loft last winter.

The five toppers are:

Bert jr.


Both of them have the same mother ‘New Hope’, a half sister of ‘Kleine Dirk’ (both from ‘Golden Lady’). In 2010 already ‘New Hope’ bred ‘Believer’, crowned as 1st Nat. acebird long distance ‘Fondspiegel’ over the years 2011–2013.
Even though she was born in 2007 already, she is still of great vitality.

Quite remarkable, or maybe even not at all, is the fact that 3 of the 5 best racers from 2018 are bred from the same pairing, that is ‘Supercrack Rik’ x ‘Goudband’




The last one (‘Manu’) is the best of the new 5 stars.

She won the race from Chateauroux (750 km) on the 21st of July with a lead of no less than 17 minutes! Only 14 days earlier she had also won the race from Bourges (700 km) in Sector IV against 5,877 b. Bourges was the best race of the season with: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12 etc.

With the results of a/o Bourges and Chateauroux in the pocket we decided not to basket her (‘Manu’) for the final race from Chateaudun on the 4th of August.

In conclusion, the Chateauroux race ended as follows:
1st Sector IV against 3,647 b.
1st NU (Northern Union) against 12,313 b.
1st (fastest) over the sections 2, 3 & 4 against 19,193 b.

Because the mother of ‘Manu’, called ‘Goudband’, probably laid her last egg in 2018, I believe a new logical pairing is ‘Supercrack Rik’ (14 years old) * ‘New Hope’ (12 years old) as the absolute best alternative. Hopefully this pairing brings me new toppers.

The racers are all paired in the first week of January. Most of them bred on eggs and some of the pairs brought up youngsters of their own or from the breeders. For me this is no issue at all, I mean breeding or not, laying eggs 2 times, etc. All matters that do no interest me.

Once the sexes are separated, I put the racers on rations. The food until now (half April) is 50% All-in One, 20% Barley, 20% Paddy and 10% carrots. For the carrot I have a little kitchen-machine that can turn every carrot into small slices at the size of a kernel.
(See the pictures)

In the recent period all racers are treated against:
- Pocks
- PMV (paramixo)
- Recently paratyphoid (injected)

When you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Good luck with the start of the season; you hear from us again in a few weeks.

Gerard & Team