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Newsletter february 2019


Newsletter february 2019

No viewing day in 2019

It has been a busy and exciting year; combining the ‘programm-races’ with the special focus on one day long distance and extreme long distance races, asked a lot from my team and myself.
Also the impact of ‘Manu’ and ‘Phidippides’ and their (Inter)national highlights had their effect on Team Koopman.

Therefore I decided a little while ago to cancel or annual viewing day for 2019. For the regular visitors and new interested fanciers, we like to reassure you. Next year we will very likely again organize a viewing day.

Before the start of the racing season I hope to send at least 2 more newsletters.

The next edition more information about ‘Manu’ followed by ‘Paco’ ‘Amadi’ ‘Bert Jr.’

The edition after that ‘Phidippides’ and ‘Henderikus’ are on the role to get extra attention.

So far a newsletter with a slightly different content than you are used from us, until next time.

Kind regards,
Gerard & Team