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Rhone race Orange, won by Henderikus


Rhone race Orange, won by Henderikus

Henderikus wins race from Orange 2018 (E)

Perhaps you think: ‘Another newsletter?’ ☺

However we are in the fortunate position there really is a lot to say in this part of the season.

Tuesdaynight July 10th we baskted 21 pigeons for already the fifth marathon race of this heavy season. After Orange only 2 are to go; Bergerac and Cahors.

Orange is a marathon race with a morning liberation what means the fastest pigeons could be able to reach their loft in the evening of liberation day. Our pigeons just ran short, but at 05.41 a.m. the 2-years old cock ‘Henderikus’ arrived. On Perigueux he was our 4th pigeon and winner of 5th/1,168 birds.

His father is ‘Noël’, former top racer and now of top value on the breeding lofts. ‘Noël’ is also father of the toppers ‘Phidippides’ and ‘De Staart

‘Henderikus’ reached an average speed of 60,4 km per hour and that won him the 1st prize against 1,081 birds in section 4 of the National race. ‘Hendrikus’ is a pigeon with a story. Years ago I always got support when I asked for it from my clubmate Hans Kleijn. Mister Kleijn was educated in the medical scene in the time he served the army. He was educates as ‘Medic’, like soldiers always call his function a bit disrespectfully.

Until a few years ago, the skills he had taught he practiced on my pigeons when they came home with any kind of physical problems. Never he gave me ‘no’ for an answer and when a pigeon for instance cut himself or broke his paw, Mister Kleijn helped me. Even when I thought a pigeon needed intensive care treatment, I needed not to worry. Hans always got the pigeon back on track. Good example is the best sister of ‘Kleine Dirk’, that is ‘Annelies’. When she broke her leg as youngster, Hans helped me and put the leg in splints. To thank Hans Kleijn for his help, I than called the now world famous hen ‘Annelies’ like his wife.

By now mister Kleijn aged quite a bit and his protégé Henderikus Ruiter took over his work.

His very first patient was NL-2016-4784186. The cockbird damaged himself that much, he was unable to recover spontaneously. Hendrikus did just the right things and made him recover from the damages. Therefore since that day, the cockbird was called ‘Henderikus’.

The stage in the provincial/combine result was completed by a 2-years old hen from ‘Red Bullens’ paired to ‘Peiren 531’.
The third prize was won by a daughter of ‘Leonidas’ when paired to a daughter of ‘Balotelli’ of Comb. Verweij-de Haan

This time our present three base breeders ‘Noël’, ‘Red Bullens’ and ‘Leonidas’ divied their skills very well with all a direct child in the top-3.

All these three pigeon were also top position winners on Perigueux (June 22nd). They were all top 9 winners than provincial combine against 1,168 birds.
More striking, is that amongst the first 5 arriving pigeons on Orange we clocked 4 hens! As you might know; normally the cocks perform better for us on the marathon races.

Distance: 969 km
Birdage Sector IV: 1,081
Entered: 21
Prizes won 1:4: 14

Until next time.

Kind regards,

Gerard & Team

In the header you will see us visiting Noel Peiren from Zedelgem in Belgium

On the right you can see Henderikus Ruiter with his former patient