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2nd Sectorial race from Bourges 2018


2nd Sectorial race from Bourges 2018

Manu and Paco our first two birds to arrive from Bourges

Bourges (E)

From Bourges the distance is 703 km to Ermerveen.

The second sectorial liberation in the one day long distance season 2018. Before we had the race from Sens 567 km, and that result was very promising winning 3rd, 4th and 5th prize 8,585 birds. With a good deal of trust the pigeons were basketed for the race from Bourges, July 7th.

Our first pigeon, a hen, raced for 10 hours and 18 minutes … three minutes later her brother came home. The speed of the first pigeon was slightly over 68 km per hour.
Both are bred from the pair ‘Supercrack Rik’ with ‘Goudband’.

‘Supercrack Rik’ is a pigeon I bought after the advice of Rik Hermans - therefore its name. He raced for Herman Van Der Sande from Vosselaar Belgium and was winner of 2 times 1st provincial (province of Antwerpen) on both occasions with really heavy conditions.

In 2010 already we bred ‘Sapieha’ from him, the pigeon excelling in South-Africa winning the car-prize on race nr. 4 of the Million Dollar race.

Again in 2010, mister Van Der Sande did supreme with a half brother of ‘Supercrack Rik’ who was winner of 3 times 1st provincial (same father). Naturally that brought a great deal of confidence for the future!

Mother of the first two pigeons is ‘Goudband’. A striking parallel with ‘Supercrack Rik’ is that she also bred a very good performer in South-Africa, that is ‘Reinier’.

Click here on the name of both pigeons to visit the website and view the photo and the complete pedigree.

The winning pigeon we called ‘Manu’. Last year she already won 1st prize on the race from Sens in the NFC (Northern Long Distance Club) against 1,069 birds but also 4th prize from Asse Zelik, 272 km … A pigeon worth keeping therefore.

Her brother ‘Paco’ performed a bit more constantly as yearling and he a/o arrived as 1st pigeon on my on loft on the race from Chateauroux, 755 km.

The third pigeon ‘Alawa’ is a granddaughter of ‘Golden Lady’.
Her parents are: ‘Pricus’ and ‘New Hope’.

The fourth pigeon is a cock bred in 2014. He is raced for quite a few years now. His father is ‘Nilton’. His mother is no longer on our lofts. She was bred from ‘Magic Man’ * ‘Zina’.

The NL-2015-1230798 completed the top 5 pigeons. This hen is a half sister of Olympiad pigeon ‘Kyara’.

Both their fathers is ‘Golden Capri’. The mother of the fifth pigeon is ‘Henna’.

All together I look back at the race from Bourges with a very satisfied feeling. I believe it was a really fair race. Looking back, I realize this race is one of the best results in the last 10 years!

Against 5,771 birds the eventual result was: 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-7th-10th-11th-12th etc.
We entered 95 of our own birds and won 66 prize cards in the top 25%.

I am very pleased with the strategy the National association NPO chose by organising more sectorial races. That means more participation, more glory and therefore a bigger challenge for the fanciers.

Good luck to you all!
Kind regards,

Gerard & Team