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Orange 2017 (E)


Orange 2017 (E)

Son Red Bullens wins race from Orange

Newsletter Orange, July 15th & 16th 2017

This time the race was from the South-East of France, pretty close to the Mediterranean Sea. The liberation point was Orange to be more specific and with a 969 km journey ahead starting in the Rhone-valley, it would not be ease to return home on the liberation day.

Liberation time of the convoy was on Saturday morning 7.00 a.m. Some fanciers situated about 80 to 90 km more in the south clocked some birds just before darkness. Our first pigeon came in Sunday-morning 6.28 a.m. and reached a velocity of 965 meters per minute.

2nd generation ‘Red Bullens’ shows it value
Striking in this race are the performances listed by 2nd generation offspring of ‘Red Bullens’ In the first 8 arriving pigeons, 5 direct children of ‘Leonidas’ were clocked and as third pigeon a grandson of ‘Noel’ was clocked.

Today we checked the eggs of ‘Red Bullens’ and both are filled. He is still very vital! Hopefully he remains in this condition for a while.

The winning pigeon was bred from ‘Red Bullens’ himself paired to daughter of ‘Levi’.
‘Levi’s daughter ‘Orabel’ is bred by Piet de Vogel. Until July 2015 ‘Levi’ was owned by the trio: De Vogel/Overwater/De Poorter.

‘Levi’ breeds in our lofts now and we are very curious how his descendants shall perform for us in the years to come.

The pedigree of ‘Levi’ makes us very confident; he was winner of 1st Nat. St. Vincent (ZLU) against 3,282 birds. at Aad Kuijt under very selective circumstances in 2013.

The mother of the Orange winner is ‘Orabel’, from mother’s side she is granddaughter of ‘De Cas’ a/o 3rd Nat. Barcelona in 2010 against 7,016 b. And in 2009 winner of 19th Nat. against 8,042 b. Besides ‘De Cas’ was crowned 1st Int. Barcelona acebird 2009-2010.

Date: July 16th 2017
Race: Orange
Distance: 969 km

Combine: 602
Entered: 21
Prizes won: 13

Result combine: 1,7,19,20,25,40,41,46,52,53,55,104 and 106

Until next time,

With kind regards,

Gerard & Team