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Son Red Bullens wins race from Dax


Son Red Bullens wins race from Dax

Aristos also wins from Dax

Newletter Dax, July 8th 2017

3 weeks after St. Vincent, now the race from Dax (1160 km)

Dax is situated a bit more inland, more precisely north-eastern of St. Vincent. The difference in distance is minimal - just 16 km - so at the total distance this is negligible small.

In my opinion the race from Dax was a fair race with the best pigeons - in good shape - winning the top prizes all over the country.
Barcelona was raced on the same day(s) but that race was a total different cookie. The big group of this race probably made many extra kilometres than could have been expected.

In marathon racing Noël Peiren is a man with a lot of experience. I’m fond of drawing from the Peiren-well and many times he appears to possess the right knowledge. He told me that in 50 years of racing Barcelona - just 2 years ago he was National winner - he had never seen such an edition. Time will tell how this Barcelona will be remembered.

Back to Dax, we entered 10 birds on Tuesday July 4th. At 13.38 again the topper ‘Aristos’ arrived as first. He is the pigeon that was also our 1st one on St. Vincent.

Furthermore the top quality of our 'Red Bullens' was confirmed once more … The first 6 arriving pigeons were all sons to him.

All 6 were also entered for the St. Vincent race 3 weeks earlier..

‘Aristos’ must have been in perfect condition on Dax. He had thrown 2 pinions at the same time. I did not notice it at basketing.

The arrival was almost the same as on the St. Vincent race … ‘Aristos’ had given all he has. I know from Louis Van Loon this is no problem at all, as long as the pigeon recovers within a reasonable period. Van Loon birds had that quality as well. It’s just a character trait of a pigeon family.

When I bought ‘Red Bullens’, naturally I had my doubts if his descendants could make the extra kilometres to Ermerveen. For me it was decisive that ‘Red Bullens’ performed really well for several years. Van Loon had always told me how important it is that a pigeon repeatedly (in different years) shows great class. The doubt I initially had is totally gone. Also the 2nd generation showed to be exceptionally good on several occasions. On Ruffec, 888 km, a grandson arrived at 02.43 a.m. and won the 5th prize against 1,448 birds.

Probably the marathon racers shall see their partner again in the middle of the week. They get a moment of ‘quality time’ in which they can fly a bit together and do whatever they like.

Date: July 8th 2017
Race: Dax
Distance: 1160 km

Combine : 383
Section IV: 924

Entered birds: 10
Prizes won: 9

Result combine: 1,2,8,10,28,32,36,41 and 86
In section IV: 2,3,22,26,60,66,76,93 and 177

Until next time,

With kind regards,

Gerard & Team