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St. Vincent 2017


St. Vincent 2017

Aristos wins race from St. Vincent

Newsletter after St. Vincent 2017

In our last newsletter we called Limoges ‘a tough cookie’. St. Vincent 2017 shall be remembered as a classic of the purest kind.

From the liberation on Friday June 16th at 12.30 on, the pigeons had to deal with very competitive circumstances; warm weather, head winds, etc.

Saturday shortly past noon at 14.44 again a direct son of ‘Red Bullens’ arrived as first. In combine he won 1st prize against 446 birds. National section in the North-Eastern parts of The Netherlands this was 2nd prize against 996 birds.

St. Vincent is situated at the Bay of Biscay and the distance to Ermerveen is 1173 km. We called the winning pigeon ‘Aristos’. He reached an average speed of 980 mtr./min.

His mother is original from Noël Peiren and is a half sister to his 1st National Barcelona (Belgium) winner in 2015, also 2nd International.

‘Aristos’ has always been one of my favourites. On his debut race from Limoges June 2016 he needed some extra days to return home. Afterwards he won a good prize on Albi and a top position from Cahors. For me especially the performance on the Cahors-race was a confirmation he is a bird with potential.
Last Saturday he finished in great shape, but he showed to have given his very best! A day later he was again back in perfect shape!

The 2nd prize winner NL-2014-4750803 is a half sister to ‘Leonidas’ 1st Nat. acebird marathon WHZB/TBOTB 2014. The two birds share the same mother ‘Miss Anke’ The 803 returned home showing nothing of fatigue. Her father is original Noël Peiren and himself a top performer on the race Nat. Bourges (approx. 400 km for Peiren). The grandmother ‘Karel Duivin’ was herself a very good Barcelona racer with several top positions.

The NL-2014-4750876 won 3rd prize. A cockbird and against direct from ‘Red Bullens’. He too returned home in perfect shape. Maybe it helped him we shortened his bill, so he could eat the grains easier. About 3 weeks ago we shortened his ‘hawk-bill’, it just kept on growing and growing.

His mother we purchased at the age of 9 at Ko van Dommelen. I asked Ko to offer me a pigeon from the mother of his ‘Bulldozer’ (Best Nat. ZLU-racer WHZB in 2012). Unfortunately this became impossible, so for compensation he gave me a sister to the famous ‘Paarsborst’.

The nest brother of the 876 - the 875 - was in fact our best marathon racer of 2016 with 4 prize cards from 4 races … his best prizes than were:
Perigueux, 953 km. 1st against 515 birds
Bergerac, 992 km. 6th against 548 birds

On this St. Vincent he arrived as our 4th bird.

In general:

New this year; I give my pigeons a flat bowl/tray with so called crushed sand. I add some grind to it and you can see the birds enjoying it. They like to wander around and sometimes they eat something they need from it.

In the New Amsterdam days my father already often gave sand from a molehill and the pigeons very much enjoyed that!


Date: June 17th 2017
Race: St. Vincent
Distance: 1173

Competing birds:

Combine: 446
Section IV: 996

Entered: 14
Prizes won: 10

Result 1, 2 and 3 combine & 2, 4 and 5 in Section IV

Crushed sand