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1st Marathon race 2017


1st Marathon race 2017

Maximus wins npo race section IV

Limoges 2017

A bit south-west of Central France, at the side of the Central Massive, the city of Limoges is situated.

Limoges is the liberation point of the traditional season-opening for the marathon races where only 2-years old and older birds are allowed.

The race from Limoges is often a hard race and again this edition was a really tough one!

We entered a team of 28 racers that were prepared very thoroughly. Next to the weekly races with the combine, we entered them for ChevrainVilliers two weeks before Limoges. An organiser in the Dutch village of Hank offers this opportunity. A Belgian transporter takes care of the transport and liberates the birds at a distance of 583 km. That race went really well. It meant our birds raced over 2100 km preliminary to the race of Limoges.

One more round

When I purchased ‘Red Bullens’ in the autumn of 2010 at Jan Bullens, he told me the cock is a very energetic pigeon, never came home tired and always had extra energy … he always made ‘one more round’, what really means: ‘just one extra lap of honour’.

Our first Limoges bird was a direct son of ‘Red Bullens’ and he too made a few extra laps when he arrived home.

We called him ‘Maximus’. He was born in 2012 and was already our first pigeon on St. Vincent (1173 km) in 2015. A year later he arrived, also from St. Vincent as second bird in our loft. All together he won 9 prize cards in marathon races. His mother is a full sister to ‘Miss Waalre’, perhaps you remember her winning the title 1st best National marathon bird 2014 in the competition ‘The Best of The Best’. In her glory days she won 2 National section races from Ruffec (3,963 b.) and St. Vincent (1,334 b.).

Furthermore ‘Maximus’ is half-brother of ‘Leonidas’ 1st Nat. acebird marathon TBOTB in 2014 as well as ‘Noël’ 1st acebird NFC (Northern Long Distance Club) cat. marathon in 2013.

Full tray

In the period of the season the pigeons are pushed to the max, they train twice a day and have their races. Therefore they get full tray All-In-One. You know I totally rely on the instinct of a pigeon and let it choose the food they want. Unfortunately recently some reactions came and misunderstandings arose about how to use the All-In-One mixture (Koopman-mixture).

Therefore again, shortly, the best way how to use this mixture in this period of the season

The pigeons are offered as much as they can eat twice a day, and that is unlimited. 2 times a day I refresh the food. The left-overs go to a/o the partners.

For more information also check:

To be continued

Probably the career of ‘Maximus’ (just click on his name) will be continued on one of the coming marathon races. It depends on how his condition remains. Last year I had to take him out of the team after Albi when he returned home wounded.

Until now he won:
1st NPO Section IV Limoges against 2,166 b.
6th St. Vincent against 717 b. prov./combine 10
6th St. Vincent against 483 b. prov./combine 10


Date: June 2nd 2017
Race: Limoges
Distance: 861 km
Birdage section IV: 2,166
Zelf ingezet: 28
Aantal prijzen: 22

Much obliged for your attention and good luck to all of you!


Gerard & Team

Maximus in his box