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National champion Marathon 2016 (non nominated)


National champion Marathon 2016 (non nominated)

After the race from Cahors it's final! National Champion Marathon 2016 A title we will cherish.

1st National champion marathon (not nominated) 2016

7 years ago we started racing some pigeons on the 2 day marathon races. In 2016 the season began with 25 pairs raced on double widowhood. This racing team is a combination between experienced pigeons and naturally yearlings. The oldest pigeons are from 2012.

For us it was a pleasant surprise that in the middle of July with only 1 race to go, we were ranked 1st in the National championship.

Very excited, but it did not stop us from basketing a substantial part (9 cocks and 7 hens) of our team for the last race (Cahors) counting for the championship.
15 pigeons won prize cards from the 16 basketed … sufficient to maintain our 1st place in the National championship.

The 2 day marathon pigeons were paired later than the one day long distance birds. Paired up in January they bred in the beginning of February and raised their own youngsters.

Afterwards they were placed on widowhood system en now on August 11th they still are. They are waiting to be paired now.

This group of birds was raced every week until the 1st NPO race (3rd week of May). The guiding of this group of pigeons was no different from the one day racers. You can read more about that on: Koopman-mixture

To complete the schedule the birds are supplied with ‘Variamix’ on a daily base.

4 from 5 races count for the National championship.

On the first marathon race St. Vincent (1173 km) from June 18th our most experienced pigeons were basketed and we started well with 11 prize cards from 18 basketed birds.

One week later the race from Periguex (953 km) was at stake and from 13 entered we won 9 prize cards,

July 8th, Albi (1043 km) 14 entered, 10 prize cards.

From the Rhône-valley, Orange (968 km) 11 entered, 9 prize cards.

The last race, Cahors, (1032 km) 16 entered, 15 prize cards.

Total 5 races are appointed for the National championship and the 4 best results count.

The calculation for the championship
In short, the National championship shows the strength of the total colony. The number of prizes won (in the best 25%) against the total of basketed pigeons but also the quality (top positions won) are of influence for the eventual score.

Red Bullens (his photo is also in the header of this newsletter)
Very striking is the influence of this red chequer cockbird. As 4 years old he came from Jan Bullens to the lofts in Ermerveen.

In his first years of breeder he produced ‘Noel' 1st acebird Northern Long Distance club.
The year after he bred ‘Leonidas' 1st Nat. acebird marathon (TBOTB)
These two sons are now breeders and they walk the footsteps of their father.

The number of specific breeding pairs for marathon racing are 6 now.

Maybe a grandson to ‘Red Bullens’ shall be moved to the breeding loft as well … that is ‘De Staart’ NL-2014-4750653. He was our 1st bird on Orange as well as on Cahors.

‘De Staart’ is a son to ‘Noël’ and he was named such (meaning: the tail) as from the race of Limoges (863 km) he returned with almost his whole tail gone; still he won a prize card. And it did not stop him excelling on the both last races. He won:
Cahors, 3rd against 722 birds
Orange, 2nd against 338 birds

As mentioned, we are not quite sure to enter him for racing one more year or to definitely move him to the breeding loft. However the great influence of ‘Red Bullens’ is without a doubt. At the photo (on the right) you see Gerard showing the wing of 'De Staart' 

The lines of ‘Red Bullens’ we combine with pigeons from:
- Noël Peiren (dominantly present)
- Ko van Dommelen
- Henri Hoeks
- ‘Miss Anke’ from Jan Hermans
- Jos Joosen