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Invitation exhibition auction-pigeons 2015


Invitation exhibition auction-pigeons 2015

On Friday 9th of January 2015 we organise an exhibition of the pigeons in corporation with Pipa.

Therefore we would like to invite you to come to Ermerveen.
The day starts about 15.00.

Please confirm your presence in advance. You can do so by sending an e-mail to: (for the attention of Jawin or Ad)

What can be expected on the exhibition day:
Naturally all pigeons to be auctioned shall be exhibited and can be handled.

Furthermore present on this day are:
Team Koopman, Pipa, Gendika, Niek Erents photography, a special guest and PigeonPhotography.

You can sign up at PigeonPhotography to have you favourite pigeon photographed. Please contact and hear about the prices. Naturally it is not the intention to bring many pigeons per fancier! Just a few as special service.

Furthermore we introduce the ‘Gerard Koopman Variamix’, a very careful composition of the raw materials Gerard feeds his pigeons for many years now. Variamix is a product produced by DHP Cultura Holland.

To supply complete information, our visiting address is:
Ermerveen 17 in Ermerveen (postal code: 7814 VB)
When you use a navigation system that does not recognise the village of Ermerveen, please use ‘Emmen’ as village. We hope to meet you in Ermerveen; also a good opportunity to share our best wishes with you personally!

With kind regards,

Over 80 years of success in pigeon racing!
We consider it our duty to inform the fanciers of the Koopman bird and everybody who considers pigeons as athletes as completely as possible.