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Newsletter May 2011 (Eng)
Gerard to Messi: you better start racing pigeons!

Gerard to Messi: you better start racing pigeons!

First pigeon Breuil le Vert

First pigeon Breuil le Vert





Blasco, 1th ace-pigeon sprint Combine 10

Blasco, 1th ace-pigeon sprint Combine 10

Queen of the Netherlands, now with Kenny Rhodes USA

Queen of the Netherlands, now with Kenny Rhodes USA

Newsletter May 2011 (Eng)

Already the first NPO race was at stake … this time from the North-French station Breuil le Vert, about 40 km north of Paris. Altogether a distance of 486 km to Ermerveen. Liberation time was 9.30 a.m. and already 3.13.52 p.m. we clocked our first one … very soon more came tumbling from the sky. In 60 seconds exactly we clocked 5 … all hens.

Preparation was not much different than other years. We paired up a bit earlier – beginning of January – because of Gerard and Kjeld’s visit the Million Dollar Race in South-Africa and the remaining loft managers had no extra work. In this period all racers were breeding quietly and therefore no extra efforts had to be made.

Total preparation was done ‘the natural way’ and all pairs got to raise their own youngsters. Therefore all sexes were already separated again by the end of February. We tried to prevent the hens laying eggs by taking away one of the partners in an early stage … a plan that came together for the majority. Since this time all pigeons had the opportunity to get into shape by means of one training per day. Food was adjusted in this phase, mostly we first switch to only All In One Mixture starting 14 days in front of the first NPO race. For the entire feeding schedule, please visit:

Partly thanks to this preparation our start was great and in ‘Miss Morakot’ we had a provincial winner already on April 16th, the race from Ravenstein (134 km) against 11,509 birds. ‘Miss Morakot’ is a daughter to ‘Golden Dirk’ and ‘Zenda’.

• A week before already 18 pigeons won top 100 positions against 9,392 birds, resulting in:
9., 11., 12., 55., 57., 58., 61., 62., 63., 65., 71., 75., 77., 80., 82., 83., 87. and 91. prize
• From Geel on April 23rd (217 km) our list was:
5., 6., 11., 12., 29., 31., 33., 34. and 59. prize against 11,483 birds
• The performance on April 30th was really good too:
9., 10., 11., 12., 15., 19., 40., 42., 43., 44., 45., 47., 52., 59., 60., 61., 63., 64., 66., 67., 88., 89., 91., 95., 96., 97., 98., 99. against 10,145 birds. In the meanwhile ‘Blasco’ is 1. acebird short distance in province (combine 10).
Combine 10 always starts with about 30,000 birds on the first race from about 2,000 members.

Altogether a very good start and our bird already train very good so short after the race from Breuil le Vert.

Until now the pigeons races the following distances in official races:
April 2nd 134
April 9th 163
April 16th 134
April 23rd 217
April 30th 244
May 7th 288
May 14th 486

We organised private training races on April 27th and May 4th. Two stages of over 250 km. We believed this to be necessary to really give our pigeons enough training km before the first NPO-long distance race May 14th.

All pigeons, including the overnight racers and about 50 ‘late breds’ - born in August-September – can fly out all winter and starting in March we train them and basket them for all combine and training races until May 7th. For the late breds 2011 is a testing year and only the best of them will be placed in the racing team for 2012. The overnight racers get their own program starting now and we will keep on entering them for regular short and middle distance races until their first own important race; May 21st.

The games are now really on and all pigeons get two training sessions a day and will no longer be trained on private races … they get really enough to eat, which means they can choose what they like and we refresh the food until they finished all.

Motivation/passion can have many meanings … I recently got to know Noel Peiren from Zedelgem Belgium a bit better and not only his stories of ancient times are great to hear; also his passion as pigeon fancier are realy motivating. For instance, he told me that (in 1957) as fifteen year old boy he ride his bike for 200 km just to visit the champion Hector Desmet from Geraardsbergen (BelgiĆ«) … and if he would have to walk all the way to Bruxelles in Belgium to get him a National winner there, he would have done it.

His story touched me and many of it I recognise in myself and other fanciers that are totally committed to pigeon racing. I am very happy my team and I are again extremely motivated and apparently our pigeons appreciate our efforts. They looked very focussed when they returned home last Saturdy-afternoon.

Back to the actual race.

The pigeons are in great shape and the last week they trained formidable. The first pigeon arrived 1.13.52 p.m. and reached a velocity of 1412 meters/minute (or 84,8 km per hour).

Her father is ‘Steveninck 897’, a son to Bennie Steveninck’s (Hamme, Belgium) most famous pigeon ‘Chipo’. Mother to our first pigeon was ‘Zina’, herself winner of a/o 2. NPO Chantilly but she was also in 2007 crowned as 2. Nat. acebird long distance NPO and bred 2010’s winner of 2. NPO Blois …

Our first pigeon now wins 2. prize against 9,786 birds.

On 486 km - we only mention the top 10 pigeons – performed as follows:
2nd 3.13.53 pm Father: ‘Cabri’ Mother: ‘Xamira’
3rd 3.13.54 pm Father: ‘Hebberecht 663’ Mother: ‘Queen of the Netherlands’
4th 3.14.49 pm ‘Mirza
5th 3.14.52 pm Father: ‘Ermerveen’s Hope’ Mother: ‘Choni
6th 3.15.08 pm Father: ‘Blue Star’ Mother: ‘New Hope’
7th 3.15.12 pm Father: ‘David’s Son’ Mother: ‘Country Girl’
8th 3.15.19 pm Father: ‘Maigom’ Mother: ‘Bassira’
9th 3.16.54 pm Father: ‘Magic Man’ Mother: ‘Hebberecht 958’
10th 3.17.33 pm Father: ‘Deng Lin’s Favourit’ Mother: ‘Young Dream’

These arrival times resulted in the following top positions:
2., 3., 5., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 16. and 19.

What a relieve after intense preparation, because at such times our thoughts went out to exactly one year ago, when a disastrous race from Menen disturbed all preparation … from that race we still miss one third of all basketed birds.

Many fanciers give us positive feedback about the Goldcorn. Fanciers that do not feed the All In One Mixture but enrich their ‘own’ mixture with 5% of Goldcorn, are also extremely satisfied and say the addition of Goldcorn is really something extra!

Many thanks for your attention, good luck and until we meet again!

With kind regards,

Gerard & team

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