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Newsletter july 2009
Gerard's parents in Ermerveen

Gerard's parents in Ermerveen

Youngsters in the loft,2009

Youngsters in the loft,2009

Gerard and Louis

Gerard and Louis



Jason, father of Varella and Mr. Allennig

Jason, father of Varella and Mr. Allennig

Cassius, father of Varella and Vakir

Cassius, father of Varella and Vakir

Blue Star, father of Faira

Blue Star, father of Faira

Newsletter july 2009

Dear sports friends!

Our efforts are at their peak in this phase of the racing season. Many old bird races are at stake at the moment, including the extreme long distance races. And soon, we start racing the youngsters.

You can read more about young bird racing in my column.

We were very happy to recently celebrate the 64th anniversary of my parents wedding. They are still very much interested in the wellbeing of our pigeons and never miss the arrival of the birds from an NPO race.

Blois, 695km Saturday June 20th was extra exiting; it was the last opportunity to grab a top position in the National one day long distance championship and … Blois was the 1st National battle in this discipline. This day my memories went back to 1994, when at the end of a tough season I basketed ‘Zeno’ and ‘Gentil’ as 1st and 2nd nominated pigeon on the last race … Could this be a repetition of moves?

It was great to see how the reporting system functions, this really gives an extra dimension to the race. The reported pigeons from Limburg – one of the southern provinces - came in slowly. Taking their velocities into consideration, we calculated the first pigeons to arrive approximately 16.45. A bit earlier at 16.37, the first pigeon NL-2008-5821643 was clocked. This yearling cock we call ‘Mr. Allennig’, after the cd of my good friend the musician/composer Daniel Lohues. ‘Allennig’ is slang (from my province Drenthe) and it means in English ‘alone’. ‘Mr. Allenig’ grabbed victory on this Blois and for me that meant the 22nd NPO victory in my career.

After ‘Mr. Allenig’ followed ‘Vakir’ at 16.41 and 1 minute later the hen ‘Faira’ came in. You can check the full pedigree by clicking on the name of the pigeon. This golden performance got a diamond rim thanks to other fanciers who also performed supreme on this Blois, thanks to Koopman descendants:

  • Peter van de Merwe (through Marcel Sangers)
  • Marijke Vink
  • Jan Hooijmans
  • Hans Eijerkamp & Sons
  • Marcel Sangers
  • Henri van Venrooy

Furthermore many other fanciers had great results this year with offspring to our colony.

One day long distance: In the first year of the NPO races, our topper ‘Ons Louis’ won 1st prize on Bourges (704 km) on the last race. Before, he was already 1st acebird in the former Fed. ‘De Veenstreek’.

Now 16 years have past and his grandson ‘Mr. Allenig’ wins the NPO race from Blois! ‘Mr. Allenig’ is also a half brother to ‘Varella’, winner of the title 1. Nationale acebird one day long distance 2007. Luckily our nominated pigeons (‘Abelle’ and ‘Mirza’) grabbed good positions too.

I think that makes us a serious candidate to become National champion one day long distance. On the previous races our racing team already performed fantastically:

May 9th La Ferte s/Jouarre 496 km (south) 5,829 b.: 5, 6, 9 (also 1, 2, 3 in Fed.)

May 23rd Ablis 586 km 10,737 b.: 4, 5, 6, 7

June 8th Chateaudun 648 km 7,491 b.: 3

Our 5 best pigeons so far are:

· Abelle

· Albin

· Mirza

· Faira

· Gicara

Click on these pigeons to view their pedigree.

New team members:

  1. He Jun Pei (Louis) left Shanghai five years ago to study International Logistics Management in The Netherlands. The education at the Stenden High school in Emmen he finished within the usual 4 years and now he earned a position in the Koopman Team. Louis focuses on maintaining and extending contact with the Chinese pigeon world.

  1. After placing a huge fence around our properties, the arrival of the Malinois called Heros is the last link in the chain of security. Heros did his best at the training the last months and passed his exam with credits. Hopefully there is no need for him to bring theory in to practise.

New pigeon: A short while ago we purchased a brother to 481 of ‘cheesemonger’ Goovaerts. My good friend Jan Hermans gave me the tip and convinced me of the great strength in breeding of these pigeons.

In the meanwhile he is paired and bred already his third round of pigeons. Naturally I paired him to one of the best hens of our own lines.

Website: Soon we will present an exclusive feature on our website; the so-called pigeon-module. This module very clarifying shows how the actual toppers are related to each other. Soon we will inform you further.

That is it for now, until next time.

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